While the team at Logan Eye Institute offers advanced laser vision correction and surgical eye care services, we also Keratoconusoffer a number of non-surgical and non-invasive options for improving your vision. We havea full-service, in-office optical shop, offering stylish eye wear and contact lenses.

With our optical shop in mind, we’d like to consider a condition known as keratoconus and how contact lenses can be used to help enhance vision.

About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a condition that involves the outward bulging of the eye, resulting in an ovular shape rather than a round shape for the eyeball. To put this another way, a person’s eye more resembles a football than it does a baseball. When keratoconus occurs, it leads to issues with blurry vision, distorted vision, light sensitivity, glare, poor night vision, and cloudy vision.

Keratoconus occurs when the collagen fibers of the cornea weaken or become thin. As a result, the eye bulges out in this weakened portion of the eye.

Why Keratoconus Should Be Treated

Keratoconus can lead to major problems with vision, causing people’s eyesight to change frequently. This means a frequent need to get a glasses prescription updated. Addressing the issue sooner rather than later can limit corneal scarring and other damage done to a person’s vision.

Early treatments for the problem can be addressed through corrective lenses, such as glasses and contacts. Yet a new step forward in keratoconus treatment is available thanks to SynergEyes contact lenses.

About SynergEyes® Contact Lenses

SynergEyes® contact lenses are an entire family of contact lenses that are designed to enhance vision. SynergEyes® contacts are hybrid contact lenses. This means that they have a firm center in the contact lens to address issues related to corneal shape, yet a soft outer skirt for comfort. In essence, a hybrid contact lens brings together the vision clarity of a hard contact with the comfort of a soft lens.

Specifically, SynergEyes® KC lenses are hybrid lenses that are specially designed and FDA-approved to help address the various problems associated with keratoconus.

Good Candidates for SynergEyes® Contact Lenses

Good candidates for SynergEyes® contact lenses/SynergEyes® KC are people who suffer from keratoconus and require corrective lenses to address the vision problems associated with their condition. Since SynergEyes® KC are a type of contact lens and require no surgery, most people with keratoconus are good candidates.

The only people who would not be good candidates for SynergEyes® KC are people with severe keratoconus that require surgical treatment, or people who suffer from medical problems that would preclude them from wearing contacts in general.

How SynergEyes® Contact Lenses Work

SynergEyes® KC lenses are worn just like traditional contacts, with patients taking them out before bedtime and placing them in cleaning solution. Your eye doctor will provide you with more detailed instructions for when to take out and when to replace the lenses.

Are SynergEyes® Contact Lenses Right for Me?

The best way to find out of SynergEyes® KC contact lenses are ideal for you is to schedule a consultation at the practice. We will assess your situation and determine if corrective contacts are your best option, or if a more advanced keratoconus treatment is necessary given the nature of your condition.

Schedule a Consultation at Logan Eye Institute

For more information about about keratoconus and the various treatments available for the condition, be sure to contact our eye care and vision correction specialiststoday. The team at Logan Eye Institute will work with you to enhance your vision and improve your overall eye health as well.